Fetish Nights

~Welcome to UNDERWORLD~

"Sinners, Vice, and everything naughty or nice"

We welcome all those who are new and old, those who want to show off or simply want to dip their toes into the scenes in the shadows.

Are you new to the kink scene? Not to worry, there is no judgement here. Feel free to simply just watch and ask questions. There is no pressure to engage in anything you're not sure about.

What Underworld is

Underworld is a safe alternative play space without judgement, elitism, and bad attitudes.

We’re run by a trio of strong, queer individuals who wanted to create a dark, alternative space with kink/fetish elements that runs monthly. Staffed by hard working volunteers from all different backgrounds, we take pride in being an inclusive, safe, and body positive environment. Come hang out with us, socialize, dance, or play! Our music is backed by dark electronic, pulsating aggro-tech, and industrial- sprinkled with some sexy pop tunes and we update it regularly.

The Space

We have an upstairs loft that features beautiful lighting setups, a booming sound system, DJ booth and multiple rooms for your enjoyment.

The dungeon features a prison cell, cage, medical table, St Andrew's cross, and we have recently installed a hardpoint for rope suspension! We are also working on getting back our stripper pole.

The red room features a layered cat tree of beds for fun activities.

We have a dance floor and lounge area, a bar and a designated chill-out room for aftercare and taking a break.

See the areas section of the rules for specific information about playing.

Upcoming Events

  • date tba


    Wouldn't you like to know. Come back and check for updates.

Previous Events

  • JUNE 22, 2019


    Forgive me father, for I have sinned...

    Delve into the depths below and come as a wicked demon, angelic spirits seeking to be corrupted (we're good at that), or ascend into a higher plane (literally, we've got a hard-point for that) of your DEEPEST, desires.

  • APRIL 20, 2019


    "We are all quite mad here. So, why no revel in the madness? Come play with me, here, in this world of darkness and saturation. Come with me, to the Lost Tea Party."

  • MARCH 16, 2019


    "Commander, there's been an unidentified distress signal detected inside the Andromeda Heleus Cluster. I've entered the coordinates into your Omni-tool; I suggest you rally your team."

    - Welcome to UNDERWORLD: STARDUST aboard the SSV Acheron -

    Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our safety protocols located at the end of this transmission. Whether your mission is to sail among the stars and take in all that the universe has to offer, or you're here to plunder some space booty, this vessel has something for everyone. Refreshments are located on the upper deck and to the mid-back of the ship. Bed chambers are available to those who wish to indulge in something a little more out of this world. Please be advised that there is no smoking permitted inside the ship.

    Safe travels, Adventurer

  • JANUARY 25, 2019


    "Lavish, decadent... everything dripping in gold"

    Want to spend a sultry evening in an underground speakeasy? We're kicking off the New Year with a golden introduction to 2019! Bring your glitter and glamour to our gold themed party of indulgence!

  • NOVEMBER 24, 2018


    I don't know about you, Ms Kitty, but I feel so much yummier.

    Calling all cats, kittens, and feline friends to come play with us in our purrfect kitty-cat playhouse, made just for you.

    We encourage all our guests to get into the spirit of things and dress in their best cat ears and tail, because after all, everybody wants to be a cat!

  • OCTOBER 20, 2018


    Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
    Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
    Light as a feather, stiff as a board.

    Calling all of those who seek the powers beyond the black veil, we welcome you to The Wicked Hallow. There is no dress code as per usual but we encourage everyone to dress in their best spooky attire. Witches, demons, spirits, familiars, and beyond are all invited to come out and play.

  • SEPTEMBER 15, 2018


    "Your body is dying, pay no attention. It happens to us all." - Lestat de Lioncourt

  • AUGUST 18, 2018


    Enter the faerie forest, whether you are from the Seelie or Unseelie court.

House Rules

These rules have been carefully crafted for you and your play partners safety and protection. Underworld strives to be a safe place for all and following these rules is not optional.

The Basics

P.R.I.C.K is Practised:

Consent is Mandatory!

No means no
Maybe means no
I don’t know means no
Silence means no
A clear, enthusiastic, and conscious “yes” is YES.
Unless a clear, straightforward “yes” is said, assume the answer is a no.
Do NOT force, disturb, or create situations that force people into your kink.

NO unauthorized photography/recording in the space. Let a staff member know if you want a selfie!

Dress Code:

There is no dress code!
Streetwear is fine!
Fetishwear, goth, alternative, etc. is encouraged!
There is NO genital nudity, unless you are using the Red Room.

Going topless is fine!

Disallowed play:

(see our FAQ)


(see rules of consent & dress code)
Do NOT disturb other players, scenes, or force someone into your kink.
Do NOT flash people.
Do NOT enter the event nude.
Do NOT engage in uninvited voyeurism and solo play.


Play is allowed

  • Red Room/Dungeon

    This area allows S.O.P (sex on premises)
    Absolutely no phones/recording devices!

    Sexual activity: penetration, toys, etc. can be done here.

    Due to the nature of this room, please CLEAN UP after yourselves! Cleaning materials and condoms are provided, use them!

    Do NOT disturb other people in the Red Room (interrupting/inserting yourself into scenes, voicing loud criticisms, crowding, purposeful watching etc.)

    Unless clearly invited, there is NO voyeuring or single/solo (IE masturbation) play allowed in this room!
    See rules of consent.

  • Lounge Area

    Couches, lounge benches and chairs are here for you leisure. Feel free to use them to play! Remember to be clean.

  • Stage/Cuddle Puddle

    There is NO play in the cuddle puddle. If it is a stage, yes, you can.

    The front of dancefloor has a padded stage, with a chair, perfect for floor tying, or exhibitionist play scenes! We also sometimes switch this area out for our cuddle pile which is filled with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals. Great for people watching!

  • Dance Floor

    The dance floor is a place to...dance! Move your body any way you like but please watch your flailing limbs as there will be both innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders.

  • Chill/Aftercare Room

    Designated “chill” room. No play is permitted here.

    This room is strictly for people in aftercare, if you need a break (anxiety, overwhelmed), or if you want a quiet place to talk.

  • Bar

    Our venue has a liquor license

    Here is where you can find all your beverage choices from water to soda, to alcoholic drinks. Please leave tips to our lovely bartenders!

  • Bathrooms

    Use the bathrooms as bathrooms, please. Be clean! Do NOT engage in sexual activity here.

    If you are taking drugs, you must be using in an open space, and inform someone that are you under the influence so that we may help you if need be.

Stoplight Bracelet System

Upon entering the event space, you will be asked what colour bracelet you want. Here is what they mean below:


“I am OPEN to playing”


“I am UNSURE about playing, please ask me”


“I am NOT playing. I’m just here for the party.”


[DMs, security, organizer, staff]

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions we get asked. Click on the question to see the answer!

The house safeword is always “safeword”, or, “red”-- follow the stoplight!

We do not have someone designated to be a greeter, however, if you feel you need a tour of the space, please find Persephone, Hekate, Hades, or Melinoë. Staff are identified by their BLUE wristbands and STAFF lanyards/name tags.

Nope! Underworld does not have a dress code. Streetwear is fine, any stream of alternative (or fetish) wear is fine (and encouraged), but you are free to dress as comfortably as you like. Going topless is also fine.

Please be aware that no lower genital nudity is allowed! We fully embrace a sex-positive and body positive atmosphere, however, it is not consensual to force other party goers to see complete nudity (see consent rules).

No. There is no unauthorized photography or recording of any kind allowed at the event. If you want to take selfies you must tell a staff member you’d like to take a picture and that the background is a wall. Occasionally there might be a staff member taking photos for our social media accounts. These photos will never feature our guests unless permission has been asked.

No. Phones are NOT permitted in the Dungeon or in the Red Room. The Main room, Chill room, hallways, bar, and bathrooms are fine to have your phone out.

We are geared towards ages 19-35. All are welcome, but be aware that our event is curated for the younger crowd.

Underworld is held monthly, usually on Saturdays. We will post an upcoming event on our social media pages in advance. The event itself lasts from 9PM to 2AM, with a class at 9PM and the party itself starting at 10PM-2AM.

We cannot disclose the address, however we can tell you that are venue is called CATHAÜS. We will disclose the full address to you if you are set to “Going” on Fetlife or Facebook by 9:30 the day before the event, in a private message.

Yes, a bar is at our venue. We also have self-serve water.

The Red Room is a closed off, private space we have set up for more intimate sexual activities. You may engage in solo activity, but must NOT disturb others or enter scenes you are not invited to consensually. Penetrative, oral, toy based, sexual activity is allowed. You must also clean up after yourselves if you and others choose to use the Red Room with the supplies provided. You must not hover, lurk, or make those using the Red Room uncomfortable (see consent rules).

Penetration or any kind - genital to genital, genital to anal, oral to genital or oral to Anal. Toys are permitted, but must be clean! We have cleaning supplies and condoms for you use, so use them.

You are not allowed to stand and be a voyeur to anything going on in the Red Room without an explicit invitation to be a voyeur (see consent rules).

You can come and dance, socialize, and chat. You’re not pressured to participate in the kinky play that happens here. However, just make sure to be respectful of those who are, and do not intrude or voice loud criticisms during a scene, or move equipment that is not your own (see consent rules).

Just ask! The best way to know is to introduce yourself and ask how someone likes to play. We also created a stoplight system (see our Stoplight System page!) that you choose at the door to let other people know how you want to party at Underworld.

We have a 3 step system.

  1. Inform the person that you are uncomfortable, and do not want to play with them, that you do not want their attention, etc.
  2. If they persist, tell them again and inform staff. You can find staff members by their BLUE wristbands and STAFF lanyards/name tags.
  3. If they persist once again, please go directly to a staff member and we will take control of the situation.

**Please note that staff members will ALWAYS be marked. Anyone that does not have a BLUE wristband or an Underworld STAFF lanyard/name tag, is NOT staff.**

There are plenty of other rooms that you can occupy, including the awesome chill room we have (calming music, stuffies, pillows and blankets-- video games!) as well as water at the bar. If you are in need of someone, please grab one of the staff members or one of the organizers so we can support you.

We go by a 3 strike system. Once you have had your three strikes, or you do something very bad (for an immediate ban), you will get banned and will no longer be able to attend Underworld. Rules are rules, not suggestions!

We have a secured hardpoint for rope suspension, we have an adjustable St. Andrew’s Cross, a pet cage, functioning medical table, prison cell, three-tiered cat tree of beds in our Red Room, as well as countless couches for you to lounge on.

No. For hygienic reasons, you are responsible for bringing your own toys.

Please know that the volume level of the music has been picked as a medium between just loud enough to hear throughout the venue and to dance to, and low enough that it’s not too quiet that dancing is impossible. Everyone is different and has a different threshold for volume. What might be loud to you could be quiet to someone else. All playlists are curated specifically for the current event and worked on for weeks to ensure the best songs are played for your enjoyment. If the music isn’t to your taste, that’s fine, each event has a different vibe and genre so the next month might be more to your taste. The day after the event, the Spotify playlist is always posted on the Facebook group. Feel free to give it a follow if you liked it. If you want to know a specific song, use Siri, Shazam, or SoundHound to find it on your phone, or if our DJ is at the booth, feel free to ask her which song is currently playing.

Most types of play; see below for restrictions.

Fire play
Breath play
Knife play
Electrical play (below the shoulders)
Rope suspension (including self suspension)
Medical play (piercing/needles)
Extreme breathplay (rubber enclosements, masks, breathing apparatuses)

Will only be enacted by experienced users as well as be supervised by staff.

Kidnapping, consensual non-consent, beating, interrogations, take down, etc. you MUST inform staff before a scene takes place.

There will be NO:

Bloodplay or bloodletting
Flesh hooks
Extreme genital play such as: “Cock and Ball Torture” (CBT), Sounding, vaginal/cock mutilation/cutting/stapling etc.

Extreme bodily fluid play such as:
Watersports or scat play of any kind: “Adult Baby Diaper” (ABD), toilet play/slavery, golden showers/cocktails etc. of all kinds,

Restricted Dangerous Items:
Firearms (real or prop)
Irritants (mace, bear spray, pepper spray)
Stun guns, tasers
Very stiff whips (unused/not used often), bullwhips (space cannot accommodate)
Modified floggers and whips (spiked, wire, metal parts)



  • Persephone

  • Organizer
  • Creative Director
  • Hekate

  • Organizer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Kharon

  • Organizer
  • Chief Financial Officer


  • Hades

  • Staff
  • Tech & Design

  • Melinoe

  • Staff
  • Tech & Design
  • Empusa

  • Guardians - Cerberus #1
  • Good Girl
  • Hypnos

  • Guardians - Cerberus #2
  • Good Beef Boy
  • Eros

  • Guardians - Cerberus #3
  • Extra Good Boy


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions you can email us directly!
We want to hear all of your naughty thoughts.

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